Office of Academic Affairs

Office of Academic Affairs is responsible for student admissions, course enrollment, registration, curriculum administrative work, etc. and has set up three divisions which are Academic Administration Division, General Academic Affairs Division and Publication & Academic Development Division to manage academic affairs for students and teachers.

The introduction of each division is as below:

1. Academic Administration Division


  • Registration administrative work
  • Student status records
  • Grade management
  • Curriculum arrangement and administrative work
  • Credits waiver and transference
  • Drop-out and suspension, re-enrollment notification
  • Tasks of transcripts and degree certificate
  • Major course, minor course and department transfer


  • Course and teachers adjustment
  • Course arrangement (including fall/spring semester and summer vacation)
  • First course selection, summer vacation course selection and inter-school course selection, and withdrawal with advance warning
  • Teachers recruitment
  • Off-campus events
  • Tasks of physics, calculus and Chinese on-campus examinations
  • Classrooms management

2. General Academic Affairs Division

  • Student recruitment of various academic systems
  • Annual calendar scheduling
  • Tasks of scholarship application

3. Publication & Academic Development Division

  • material editing and printing of university prospectus
  • Tuition and fee adjustment
  • Tasks of University exposition
  • recruitment guidance
  • academic journals
  • university bulletins
  • off-campus events for high school and vocational high school students

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