Forward Looking &Future Development

Forward Looking & Future Development

To further advance the effectiveness of the academic affair administration, the medium term goals are set as follows:

1. Curriculum Plan:

  • To integrate the common curriculum and to establish the niche curriculum of each department.
  • To establish new teaching procedures
  • To enhance the level of common knowledge and English courses

2. To improve teaching & learning environment:

  • To integrate, to share and to expand the school facilities
  • To advance on-line and multi-media teaching
  • To establish analytical systems of the personality and capability of students
  • To apply the grade analytical system in order to provide teaching strategy
  • To enhance English teaching and learning environment
  • To establish alliances for industrial training

3. To motivate teachers in terms of teaching improvement and teaching quality control

  • Teaching quality improvement
  • Teaching quality management
  • To establish teacher appraisal system

4. To establish teaching quality evaluation benchmarks

  • Teaching quality evaluation benchmark of teachers
  • Teaching supporting materials or equipment benchmark
  • Teaching improvement benchmark of teachers
  • Learning achievement and performance benchmark of students

Through the execution of the above-mentioned plans, we hope NFU, all academic staffs and students will grow simultaneously and inspire each other to move a step forward to be an excellent tech university with professionalism and international perspective.

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